Bikers and Motorcycle Enthusiasts Love Wayah Road

motorcycles to ride on Wayah Road in NC

Get your chopper out of its parking space and onto a great road when you travel Wayah Road in NC.

Whether you’re a weekend rider or a biker for life, motorcyclists know that part of what makes a ride enjoyable is the road itself. The scenery, the speed limit, the curves, and more all come together to make a ride a great experience or a lot of work. While most of you may be familiar with Devil’s Whip as a favorite route in NC, how many of you know Wayah Road? This alluring, scenic, curvy road is perfect for bikers.

Why is Wayah Road so great for bikers?

Motorcyclists will love Wayah Road for it’s scenery, curves, peacefulness, and the lack of semi-trucks and other large trucks along the way. The route begins (or ends, the preference is up to you) at US 64 (Murphy Road) and goes all the way through to US 19 in Topton, NC, right at Lake Nantahala. Wayah Road is perfect for the scenic ride out, as there aren’t many businesses along the route; instead, you’ll enjoy waterfalls and serene forest views as you ride. If you ride East to West, you can enjoy a burger or a picnic at the Lakes End Diner and Marina while you check out the lake before heading back or staying the night.

What are bikers saying about the Wayah Road route?

According to Motorcycle Roads, Wayah Road has a 4 out of 5 Star rating from reviewers. While several discuss the roads great turns, the great view of Nantahala Lake and that the road is one of their favorites, one rider went so far as to say that Wayah Road is  “one of my favorite roads, anywhere! I visit the area a few times per year and I always make sure this one is on the route.”


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Photo via Lucas County Choppers on Flickr CC. 

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