3 Ways to Beat Cabin Fever

When the chill of the polar vortex started dissipating, we all breathed a sigh of relief. With the return to normal winter temperatures, our daily routines required a few less layers and a lot less fear about frozen pipes. But the cold is creeping back to the mountains, and Lake Nantahala residents are cranking up the heaters and bracing against the chill. Many of us anticipate cuddling on the couch with loved ones, enjoying a crackling fire in the hearth as the chill passes us by. But after several days of staying indoors, even the most devoted bookworm can start to go stir crazy. Reflection Lake Nantahala has compiled our 3 favorite ways to beat cabin fever this winter.

  1. fire pitBuild a fire. The fireplace creates a cozy atmosphere, but an outdoor fire is an excellent change of scenery. Inhale that refreshingly brisk outdoor air as you stay warm and toasty beside a fire pit. Cuddle up with your spouse to enjoy the mountain lake view, or dig out the smores for your kids. Just make sure you check for fire hazards before you strike up the kindling.
  2. Start a hands-on project. Whether you’re building a blanket fort with your kids or painting old furniture for a DIY upcycling project, working with your hands is the best way to beat the winter blues.
  3. Throw a party. Chances are your Lake Nantahala neighbors are going stir-crazy, too. Beat cabin fever by inviting friends to a quiet dinner, a birthday celebration, or an impromptu soiree. Party preparation is another surefire way to engage your mind, and seeing friends gives your brain a boost of feel-good chemicals. If you don’t have time to plan a party, a potluck is a perennial favorite.

Once you’ve beaten the dour-weather doldrums, take a moment to enjoy the gorgeous mountain scenery beyond your front door.

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