How to Hack Lake Life

fun at Lake NantahalaWe’re always ready for a day of play at Lake Nantahala, but sometimes we let our enthusiasm get the better of us. Don’t jump in before you’ve checked off these summer life hacks for the perfect lake day.

  1. Stay Plugged In. Can’t give up your smartphone? Keep up with friends and colleagues (and enjoy your “Loving Lake Life” playlist) by putting your iPhone in a plastic sandwich bag. The touchscreen will work as usual, and you won’t have to worry about fritzing your phone while you lounge by the lake.
  2. Stay Hydrated. If you’re gearing up for fun in the sun, hydration is the key to a long, happy day. You don’t need a cooler to a enjoy crisp, refreshing drink on Lake Nantahala. The night before a summer adventure, fill an empty water bottle halfway. Put it on its side in the freezer. In the morning, fill it the rest of the way with water, juice, or your favorite soda. Voila! Instantly cold water without chipping ice or hauling coolers.
  3. Stay Organized. Are you the type of person who tends to lose things? It’s easy for keys, wallets, and electronics to sink to the bottom of an over-full beach bag. Skip the ensuing panic by keeping your important items together. Clean out an old sunscreen bottle and store your phone, keys, and credit cards inside. Not only will they stay safe and hidden, you won’t have to worry about accidental water damage.

There’s still time to soak up sun on the Lake Nantahala shore! Enjoy the good life with a North Carolina mountains lakeside property.

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