Prepare Your Pup for a Day at the Lake

dog visits the lakeFor many Lake Nantahala residents and renters, it’s unthinkable to leave pets behind for a summer trip to the lake. Dogs are your best friend, your child with four paws, your fellow adventurer in the wilds of the Nantahala National Forest. Lake Nantahala is pet friendly, with plenty of places for you and your furry friend to roam. If you’re planning on bringing your dog to the North Carolina mountains, make sure he’s ready for a day at the lake.

Plan Your Lake Day

Before hitting the open water with your favorite pet, know what sort of activities are on your to-do list. Does your ideal lake vacation include swimming and fishing? You’re probably okay to bring your pet along. Would you rather sip cocktails or nap in the warm sunshine? Leave your pet at the lake house while you lounge by the lake. If you plan to rent a boat, take a hike, or visit Lake’s End diner, make sure all areas are pet approved before bringing along your pooch.

Know Your Dog

The first step in a stress-free (well, stress-limited) day at the lake with your dog is to make sure your pet is appropriately trained. Can your dog swim? Is he a good runner? Does he come when you call him? Train your dog for obedience before bringing him out for a day of fun at the lake. If your pooch isn’t a good swimmer, buy a doggie sized life vest and let your dog practice swimming in it. You should also know if your dog gets tired easily, has asthma triggered by hot weather, gets along well with people and other animals, and listens well enough to stay nearby.

Pet Safety Gear for Lake Nantahala

Just like lake-goers need to stock up on sunglasses and sunscreen before hitting the shores, pets require lake gear, too. If you’re bringing your dog to the lake, supplement your beach bag with:

  • Bottled water and a portable bowl
  • Dog waste bags
  • Identification tags
  • Food and treats
  • A first aid kit with antibiotic ointment and dog medications
  • A collar and leash
  • An old towel
  • A dog-proof flotation device

Ready for a day at the lake with your dog? We look forward to seeing you and your most loyal companion at Lake Nantahala this summer!

photo from flickr

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