Freshening Up for Fall

patio_01Autumn in a North Carolina mountain lake home means a breathtaking array of changing leaves reflecting like watercolors on the clear surface of the lake. But while you’re putting pumpkins on your doorstep and hanging your fall wreaths, keep in mind that not all fall preparation is decorative. The sunny, cooling days of fall at Lake Nantahala make perfect weather for home maintenance projects. It’s time to update your autumn checklist.

Store Summer Gear

Summer essentials rarely stand up to the onslaught of fall and winter weather. Clean and store patio and lawn furniture, lakeside accessories, and kids’ summer toys.

Don’t Leave the Leaves

Our gorgeous deciduous trees mean an excess of fallen leaves. Replace your rake and store it somewhere accessible. Then clean the summer sludge from the gutters, and check them throughout the season to make sure they aren’t clogged with fallen foliage.

Check Weather Strips 

Test windows, doors, and garages for gaps where cold air might seep through. Check the durability of weather strips and replace or add caulk as necessary. You never know how chilly the season will be when you own North Carolina mountain real estate, and sealing the cracks will lower your heat bill considerably this season.

Clear Vents

Whether you’re booking an appointment with a chimney sweep or replacing filters in your heating units, clearing away built-up soot, lint, and dust is essential to home safety. Cleaning and replacing vents in autumn provides you with clean, warm air for the cooler months.

Limit Fire Hazards 

Check stoves for grease buildup, test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and vacuum lint from behind the dryer. Store equipment for your fireplace safely, including brushes, screens, and firewood.

Proper fall preparation gives you peace of mind about the safety of your family and your home in the upcoming season. Once you’ve tackled your checklist, enjoy a mug of hot apple cider on the patio. You’ve earned some peace and quiet to enjoy the beauty surrounding your Reflection Lake Nantahala cabin home.

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