A Very Nantahala Christmas

christmas parkIt’s the season for frost-tipped foliage, icy walkways, and crackling hearths. Families across the country are gathering in cozy living rooms to decorate their homes for the holidays, take advantage of online Christmas sales, and admire the white-coated mountainside. Christmas traditions remind us about the heart of the Lake Nantahala community: family, hospitality, and natural beauty. As you dig into boxes of stockings and dust off your nativity scenes, take a moment to appreciate the blessings of your mountain lake home.

Christmas Activities

The Reflection Lake Nantahala gated community offers an endless span of Christmas delight right outside your doorstep. Investigate the Christmas adventures at the Nantahala Outdoor Center, breathe in the crisp mountain air on a family hike, or take part in the holiday celebrations at our national parks. Whether you’re hunting for a stress-buster or a diversion for kids and visiting relatives, there’s no end to the activities around our mountain home.

Christmas Trees

Family tradition plays a crucial role in finding the perfect Christmas tree each year. While some North Carolina residents prefer tromping through the forest and discovering that one magical Christmas fir, others enjoy strolling through lots of trees to find the simplest and loveliest holiday centerpiece. Before you break out the tinsel and ornaments, discuss your options with your family. If you want a Fraser fir from the Nantahala National Forest or Great Smoky Mountain National Park, you’ll need a permit. If pre-cut trees are more your style, it never hurts to research prices and longevity of trees from each lot. Our mountain soil may lack the richness of Midwestern farmland, but our Christmas trees are fluffed, fresh, and full of the scent of home.

As you plan your family Christmas celebrations, take advantage of the unique opportunities provided by the North Carolina mountain region.

photo from flickr

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