Mountain Living: Winter Weather Damage

From Atlanta to Asheville and beyond, folks are feeling the affects of the polar vortex. The South may not face life-threatening temperatures and instant freezing like our friends further from the equator, but the cold has taken its toll. Burst pipes, fallen trees, and malfunctioning temperature regulators have struck southern states hard. As the weather starts to warm, assess your Lake Nantahala home for cold weather damage and prepare your North Carolina real estate for the next cold snap.

Pipe Damage

frozen pipesDid you know that our relatively temperate North Carolina climate increases the risk of burst pipes? Bursting pipes aren’t simply caused by freezing water, but the continuous thawing and refreezing of pipes, which builds pressure until cracks begin to form. Pipes rarely freeze above 20 degrees, but installing basic pipe insulation could protect your pipes in the months to come. If cold weather hits and your pipes are not prepared, turn your faucet on, letting water drip through the pipes. The small flow of water relieves built-up water pressures, limiting the risk of long-term pipe damage.

Outdoor Home Maintenance

When the temperatures drop, the North Carolina mountain forests often seem like a bigger threat than burst pipes. Carefully check trees on your property for cracks or less than solid limbs. If a brittle bough looks in danger of falling, remove the home hazard. Contact a tree removal professional if the cold weather has compromised the integrity of the trunk. Clear walkways of potential tripping hazards like scattered limbs or fallen shingles. To keep your lakeside cabin warm, check your roof for loose shingles, replace worn weather stripping, and reinforce window seals.

Preparing for Another Storm

The polar vortex may have taken the world by surprise, but we had enough warning to prepare. Before the next dose of North Carolina winter, stock up on basic cold weather supplies. Check your canned food and water bottles seasonally in case they need replacing. Prepare emergency supplies for each family member, setting aside additional blankets, flashlights and batteries, and a basic tool kit for home repairs. Clean out your fireplace seasonally and keep firewood stocked in the garage. A lit fireplace may blaze merrily around the holidays, but its heat is crucial when the heater fails.

Did your lakeside cabin escape the effects of the cold? Lend a helping hand to a Reflection Lake Nantahala neighbor cleaning up their yard or fighting frozen pipes.

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