Designing Your Dream Home

You’ve signed the papers for your beautiful Lake Nantahala property, you’ve found a skilled architect to design your cabin, and you’re making use of our preferred financing partnership with Nantahala Bank & Trust Company. What’s next? Creating your cabin dream home is an exciting prospect, but as with anything, approaching your lake house design without a clear plan often makes the process stressful. Before your architect draws up the blueprints, plan your lakeside mountain life.

A Home (Away from Home)

How you intend to use your lakeside mountain cabin goes a long way to determining how it’s built. Will the Reflection community be your permanent home or a vacation getaway for you and your family? Do you want a small, quaint mountain retreat to escape from the world or a sprawling, tasteful lake house where you can entertain your grandchildren? Would you like the option of renting your cabin during the off-season, or would you prefer to keep your new home private? These questions will help you determine the size, layout, and structural details of your new Lake Nantahala cabin.

The Community above Lake Nantahala

planning your lake nantahala cabinReflection Lake Nantahala is a comfortable, secure gated community overlooking the placid, shimmering waters of Lake Nantahala. We offer a variety of amenities for our residents, including parks, campsites, golf cart parking, and fire pits. As you design your home, consider which amenities have been provided for you and which amenities you’d like to enjoy privately. Our online Virtual Cabin Tour and Customize Your Cabin features let you tailor your vision of your Nantahala lake house quickly and effortlessly. Once you determine your dream aesthetic, you can call up your architect with a clear view of the lakeside mountain cabin you’ve always wanted.

If you want more information about purchasing Lake Nantahala property, call Reflection Lake Nantahala.

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