Planning a Lake House Cookout

Spring has been slow in coming, but our lakeside cabins have finally gotten a dose of this year’s sunshine. After a long, chilly winter, the Reflection community is ready to soak up the warmer weather. Take advantage of the outdoor season by planning a spring cookout for your friends and neighbors in Lake Nantahala.

Set the Tone

The first step to planning a successful cookout is setting the mood. Whether your theme is “beach season” or “home, sweet home,” it’s not a party without a few decorations. Fill a mason jar with Nantahala wildflowers, paint a driftwood sign to welcome guests to your yard, and use patterned fabric to hide unappealing trashcans. Protip: don’t forget to fill your iPod with laid-back lake music before your guests arrive.

Fresh Food

lake house cookout foodIt’s impossible to please everyone, but that’s not going to stop Southern party planners from trying. Make a list of the dietary restrictions of anyone on your guest list. It should be easy to combine various diets into one solution (for example: your lactose intolerant neighbor and your vegan niece can both munch fried okra). Choose at least two main dishes to give your guests options. Planning a potluck eases the stress of cooking sides and desserts, but if you’re throwing the whole shindig yourself, set aside plenty of time in the kitchen. Don’t forget to ice your drinks several hours before the guests arrive. No one likes warm soda on a hot day.

Fun in the Sun

It’s great when your guests are ready to mingle, but sometimes partygoers need a bit of encouragement. Provide a few outdoor games to keep your neighbors entertained during party lulls. Cornhole and croquet are perennial favorites. Do your friends have small kids? Create a corner for kid-friendly crafts and outdoor games. Set up lounge chairs and picnic tables for guests who want to keep an eye on their kids and the crystal clear waters of Lake Nantahala.

Spring parties are a great way to meet your Reflection Lake Nantahala neighbors. Take advantage of the warm weather and throw a cookout at your Nantahala lake house.

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