A Picture Perfect Life

We asked, and Lake Nantahala lovers delivered. We know why we love the sweeping views, residential amenities, and rich adventures of the Reflection Lake Nantahala community, but we want to know what mountain lake life means to our residents and renters. Lake Nantahala Facebook follower Casey took our request to heart, sharing his favorite images of Lake Nantahala. We’re sure he hopes to find an opportunity to rent a lakeside cabin and enjoy the sweet peace of Lake Nantahala living once more.

 life on lake nantahala

There’s nowhere better than a cabin on the lake to relax on a hot summer day. With a sense of seclusion from the rich green foliage, a hazy view of the Nantahala Mountains, and the crystal clear water reflecting the beauty around, we can’t imagine why anyone would pass up a vacation at Lake Nantahala. Many of our lake homes feature benches, tables, and chairs where families can relax and enjoy the idyllic pleasures of this North Carolina mountain getaway.


lake nantahala at dusk

A view from above captures the ethereal beauty of the twilight hours. When fog rolls in off the mountains to settle onto the pure waters of Lake Nantahala, the result is breathtaking. During the day the lake ripples with families enjoying fishing, swimming, and boating, but as peace creeps through the evening hours, the waters still, showcasing the beauty that surrounds them.

Experience the picturesque cabins, lakeside views, and endless amenities of Lake Nantahala. Ask about North Carolina mountain real estate and rental homes.

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