Let It Snow

snow birdWe’ve all suffered cabin fever when cold and snow trap us inside our North Carolina mountain cabins. The feeling of restlessness and listlessness can linger for days, sending us on Lake Nantahala hiking adventures and tours of Bryson City the moment the weather clears. But it turns out that cabin fever is often a powerful motivator. Before you reach the debilitating stages of that “trapped” feeling, cabin fever can push you to concentrate, spend more time with family, and accomplish more tasks than on a normal day. Before you get to the blanket forts and potlucks stage of cabin fever, use the inclement weather as an impetus to succeed. Here are three ways you can use cabin fever to your advantage:

  1. Stay Active. Finding the time to walk around the lake, bike along Wayah Road, or hike up the mountains is difficult during the daily grind. Take that extra boost of bad weather energy and take the kids on a mountain expedition. Wake up early and hike to a fresh overlook. Watch the sunrise with your spouse. The more you move, the warmer you’ll feel—and the longer it will take for cabin fever to strike.
  2. Stay Connected. Storm headed our way? Make a point to catch up with friends and Lake Nantahala neighbors. If you’re feeling particularly energized, take your kids and their friends on a scavenging adventure in the forest. You never know what natural wonders they’ll find.
  3. Stay Organized. Whether it’s work or laundry, staying ahead of schedule not only staves off the cold weather doldrums, it saves a lot of stress when the lethargy kicks in. Use your extra energy to clean out clutter or finish that report you’ve been putting off.

Let the cold weather motivate you this week. Take advantage of Lake Nantahala hiking, Reflection neighbors, and cabin upkeep to beat cabin fever before it strikes.

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