4 Landscaping Ideas for Your Lake House

If your Lake Nantahala property is a summer residence or a vacation home, you probably don’t want to invest too much effort into renovating the landscape. Nevertheless, a flourishing yard and garden can improve your curb appeal, make your real estate feel homier, and provide a welcome burst of beauty each time you visit the lake house. If you want to create a beautiful lakeside landscape without the stress of constant upkeep, try one of these 4 Lake Nantahala landscaping ideas.

  • Choose your plants wisely. It’s tempting to plant your favorite flowers regardless of upkeep, but some plants just aren’t worth the effort. If you don’t have time to tend your Lake Nantahala garden, limit your landscaping to a few brightly colored, hard to kill plants. Coneflowers thrive in sunlight or shade, daylilies anchor well on hillsides, and succulents grow strong in unconventional containers like wheelbarrows or bird baths.
  • nc mountain viewWork with your environment. Lake Nantahala overflows with lush mountain views, sunlight glinting off waterfalls and streams, and idyllic panoramas of the Nantahala National Forest. Make the most of the landscape beyond your backyard by clearing trees that block your view, matching lake house gardens to the natural beauty of the Reflection community, and creating places to enjoy the splendor already around you.
  • Focus on outdoor entertaining. When you live in such a beautiful corner of North Carolina, most of your summer entertaining takes place outdoors. Instead of spending time creating an elaborate landscape, create a place to enjoy the beauty of Lake Nantahala. Build a firepit in the backyard, clear a place overlooking the lake for a permanent outdoor dining area, or hang a hammock on the back porch where your guests can enjoy the beauty of the night sky.
  • When in doubt, hardscape. Hardscaping creates instant elegance without a lot of upkeep. To beautify your landscape without worrying about watering and weeding, add a birdbath, lawn ornaments, or a vine-covered arbor to your landscape. Hardscapes are sturdy enough to withstand any weather and don’t go dormant during winter months, meaning your lake house hardscapes will look just as beautiful during Christmas vacation as they do for your summer trips to the lake.

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