Lake House Must-Haves

view from Lake Nantahala marina

Summer at the lake means rest and relaxation. Our Lake Nantahala real estate has full access to beautiful mountain forests, waterfront shores, and North Carolina summer entertainment. To make the most of your vacation this year, stock up on these 5 must-haves for a summer lake house.

  1. Grill. Nothing beats an impromptu cookout with friends, family, and Reflection Lake Nantahala neighbors. Bring along a mini-grill for a week by the water or invest in a high-class smoker for a summer of unbeatable lakeside living.
  2. Cooler. Whether your family loves summer parties, days relaxing on the Lake Nantahala shore, or afternoons on the open water, a cooler always comes in handy. Stock your lake house deck with refreshing beverages and refrigerated snacks before starting your next summer adventure.
  3. Hammock. Some days, nothing sounds better than a little peaceful solitude. Hang a hammock in your yard, on your back porch, or on a moveable stand in your home. There’s nothing better than a hammock for a relaxing morning of reading, an afternoon catnap, or an evening enjoying a sky full of stars.
  4. A lake bag. Make a dip in the lake simple and refreshing by stocking your beach tote ahead of time. Pack sunscreen, beach towels, sunglasses, lake shore reading, and plenty of bottled water for days at the lake.
  5. Friends and family. We all love a moment to ourselves now and then, but summertime at the lake isn’t half as fun without someone to share it with. Share your North Carolina lakeside mountain getaway with your siblings and their children, your oldest friends, or someone new. As long as you’re with someone you love, a summer of fun is guaranteed!

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